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About mail-spam blocking

A dream? No more spidering of your mail-addresses: Stop harvesting through bots, generate spambot-safe links and STOP SPAM and ROBOTS.

No more dreaming. Give this tool a try - used correctly it will stop unwanted mails in your inbox - forever.

Already using anti-spam solutions? No problem: Keep on using them - these programs are worth the money and work very well. But better than scanning mails afterwords for spam, try out how simple spam-stopping can be in advance - before a spammer got your address and before your mail-address is burned, distributed and sold.


Nice to know about Spam

Advertising spam: Advertising of dietary means, virility enhancing pills, software and the like. Reputable suppliers are not advertise through this path. In most countries sending unsolicited mails to potential customers is ilegal.

Phishing e-mails: Clever fake e-mails from spammers trying to access data about banking accounts, which also often succeed, because the quality of the fake e-mails is very high.

Hoaxes: The tsunami disaster 2003 showed it: Apparently desperate people searching, with a request for forwarding. Even almost classic is the one, where very urgent virus warnings are sent.

Who is spamming and why? Spamming is when it is operated professionally, a real business! Even if return rates are minimal, sending million e-Mails is not that problematic, and therefore it can always pay-off through quantity.

Will it ever end? The problem: As this whole game is profitable for the spammers. The more the users and the industry try to get rid of spam, the more spammer will enhance their methods. It's a trade war and it is open who will be the winner.


1) Generate your link:



2) Use advanced options:


You don't need to change anything here, but you can, if you'd like to enhance it:

1. Add 'mailto:' in encrypted link: If unchecked, add 'http://' in front, to prevent URL-spidering
2. Use standard [DOT] and [AT SIGN] mode as linktext: Recommended.
3. Use own Linktext: e.g. 'Contact', 'Info'. NO '@' in here!!!
4. Caesar-cipher-depth: What's that?
5. Text appearing in statusbar: e.g. Use your company-name!
6. Text appearing when JS is disabled: e.g. 'Please copy & paste this link into your mail-program: '


3) Copy & paste the codes:



... insert this code between <head> and </head>:


... use this code for your new '<a href=' link:


4) Try out your link:


After pressing the button 'encrypt!', your generated link will be shown here.



5) Operating instructions, how-to's, tips & tricks:


Just enter your email-address in the topmost form 'Link:' and press the button 'encrypt!'. Copy and paste the code from 3.1. into your head-section on your website and use the code from 3.2. as new '<a href="...'-link.

That's all. Nothing more.

Using detailed - plus advanced options:
enter your email-address in the topmost form 'Link:'
- 2.1.: "Add 'mailto:' in encrypted link. If unchecked, add 'http://' in front, to prevent URL-spidering":
The MSB is normally used for encrypting mail-addresses. You can also encrypt normal URLs by ticking this box. If so ensure that you add 'http://' in front in the topmost form 'Link:'.
- 2.2.: "Use standard [DOT] and [AT SIGN] mode as linktext: Recommended.":
If you leave the check, your address will be encrypted like following: You choosed '' as mailto-link. The shown MSB-link will look like: harry[DOT]bones[AT SIGN]yournewsensationalowndomain[DOT]com. Not happy with it? Uncheck it and see...
- 2.3.: ... how you can fix that: Enter 'Harry Bones private mail' ... but do NOT enter '' here, because all efforts were for nothing.
- 2.4.: "Caesar-cipher-depth" let you select how many positions the letters and numbers will be changed. See more under the shown link to the Caesar-cipher at Wikipedia.
- 2.5.: "Text appearing in statusbar":
The name of the JavaScript-function. Thereby it is shown in the statusbar on the bottom of your browser (if it is enabled) you can enter own text here. Try it out. Remember: You MUST enter something here.
- 2.6.: "Text appearing when JS is disabled":
Also very important to understand for those who are asking: "What happens if my users has JavaScript disabled?". If the user really has JavaScript disabled (> 90% of all users has JS enabled and the rest are spiders) you can enter text which is shown in that case. Try it and enter something like: "JavaScript is diabled: Please copy and paste this link: harry[DOT]bones[AT SIGN]yournewsensationalowndomain[DOT]com into your browser and replace every [DOT] with a '.' and every [AT SIGN] with an '@'.
- press the button 'encrypt!'.
- copy and paste the code from 3.1. into your head-section on your website and use the code from 3.2. as new '<a href="...'-link.

What can I do if there are many sites on my website where I want to show my new address?
Just put the JavaScript from 3.1. in an external JS-file which will be linked in your head-section.

What if I have to encrypt multiple addresses?
If you don't change anything in the advanced options you can use the 3.1. code ONCE and you can use multiple addresses from 3.2.

Where can I use this encrypted mail-address?
On your website and on your business-card. NEVER use this address for ordering anything on the web. DO NOT use this address for signing in into a web-catalog, or for your contact address in a forum. NEVER show it anywhere else than on your website and only encrypted. NEVER show it uncrypted like - never ever.


6) What does NOT work:


Can I use my old favourite mail-address for the MSB?
NO! Please understand, that it is very important to use a new and unburned email-adress for this tool. You can't use your old office-mailaddress which is flooded over with spam to stop spam. If an address is known to spammers - forget it and throw it away in your trash. Make a new one, do not use names like 'office@...', 'contact@...' or 'prename.surname@...' which can be guessed through trying. Think of something like 'sr34tfge456@...' or 'getincontactwithme@...'.


7) About SPAM:


Spam or junk mails are unsolicited. They are electronically transmitted messages, that the recipient never asked for, or were sent without permission. This process is called spamming.

SPAM is originally a brand name for canned meat, which arose 1936 as appreciation of SPiced hAM. SPAM does NOT mean: 'Spiced Pork And Meat/haM' or 'Specially Prepared Assorted Meat'. The first spam mail was sent in 1978, in times the APRANET was still in use.

Spam causes considerable damage in the system of global communication. This is mainly due to the additional amount of data and the expense due to processing the mails.

Meanwhile, there exists a variety of spam filtering techniques for automatic detection and removal of spam in the mailbox. Some e-mail programs such as Thunderbird, or Vista's Windows Mail have integrated spam filter, either learning by themselves or via getting constant information by the update function, sorting out the advertising emails.

However, the filters are suffering from their error rates: Often spam e-mails are not reliably detect and still reach the inbox - false negatives. Also, the reverse error is possible: Desirable mails may be selected as spam due to filters which are too strict (so called false positives) and can don't reach the recipient at all or only delayed.

Many of us using programs like the excellent McAfee Spam-Filter or the excellent Norton Antispam. Worth the money they cost and the internet wouldn't be the same without them. But give this tool a try - if you're aren't satisfied, write us a line.


8) Some words about this anti-spam tool:


The idea to encrypt links with a caesar-chiffre isn't new. You also don't have to use this tool - everything can be performed by yourself and programmed by your own - it's only neccessary that you see how this JavaScript works.

We provide this user interface with advanced options for a comfortable, simple and quick alternative to generate spam-safe links. We think this is the ONLY possibility to get NO more spam on a mailaddress and/or to prevent robots to follow a link. This software is provided as it is, without warrenty of any kind.

This is a FREE service! If you like it and found it useful, tell your friends about it, place a link to this website and donate something. Donations will be used to make such tools better and better...


Send questions, comments and noticed problems to: mailspamblocker[AT SIGN]myvasco[DOT]com


Have fun!



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